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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to give my card number or pin by phone?
No, neither the lady nor we are going to ask you for your credit card number or your secret number over the phone. Our payment system is in your location by means of a mobile dataphone, where once introduced the card, you will be asked to introduce the ping. For credit cards that do not use ping, you will be asked for accreditation, always for the security of your card.

Can I have sex without a condom for a higher price?
No, none of the ladies who work with us have sex without a condom, for health and hygiene reasons, please do not insist on the lady so as not to make you or the lady feel uncomfortable. Remember, it's not no.

How should I react if I meet a girl I've been with on the street?
Our services shine by their discretion, the lady wants that discretion to continue existing in her private life, she will be your confidant and you will be hers. Many of the ladies keep their activity as companions secret. Please respect him.

What concept appears on my bank statement if I pay by credit card?
A concept unrelated to sex appears, or anything that might compromise you. Ask us when you call and we will inform you.

May I request that the lady come in a certain garment?
You can request, always with time, type of outerwear and style of underwear and we will try to meet your request whenever possible. You can also request that the lady wear a discreet outfit (jeans, sweater).

Can I treat Escort with foul language?
Everything that does not conform to the standard education of our culture, has to be agreed between you and the lady, giving her consent to the verbal style you want to use before starting the service.

What is an Escort Agency?
Escorts agencies are companies that are dedicated to managing the agenda and advertising of Escorts ladies who decide to exercise their activity freely. CatEscorts guarantees seriousness, discretion, punctuality and total anonymity.

What services do Escorts offer?
Initially all the ladies offer the service of erotic massage, complete sexual relation and erotic shower. The natural oral sex is included although not all the ladies do it. The best thing is to consult it when you make your reservation.

How many sexual relations can I have in more than 45 minutes?
Usually you can have more than one full sexual relationship. It depends a little on the rapport you have with the lady.

Can I pay by credit card from my home or hotel?
Indeed, you can pay from your location without revealing any data from your card online or by phone. Cards that do not have a pin must be presented with the DNI.

I have reduced mobility Can I ask for your services?
Whatever disability you have, it's not going to be a problem to relate to us. Because we offer a human and close service at all times. No doubt we will look for the meeting point that has access to disabled and the right lady for your appointment to be a success.

How far in advance should I make an appointment?
We ask the client to make an appointment as soon as possible in a minimum of two hours and a maximum of 24 hours. It is important to know that the escorts live in different parts of Barcelona and their arrival time depends a little on the circumstances.

What are the rates?
Each lady decides the rate she wants to apply to her normal and special services. You can call us or send us a mail and consult the tariff of the interested lady.

Why choose an Escort?
An Escort as the word says is a companion, not only provides sexual services but also makes you feel as if you were in a natural date, you can share topics of conversation, tastes and experiences. They can also accompany you to a business meeting, dinner, event, or even a trip. Most of the ladies that collaborate with us are not sex professionals, they lead a normal and healthy life combining work and (or) studies with the appointments arranged through us.
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